Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Omar Santana offered his reel to reel on ebay

(Click to enlarge)

Was offered the second time, auction was terminated then,
so guess he sold it outside ebay.

His myspace bulletin said: "... I put my Tascam reel to reel on
ebay which was what I did all of my editing on back in the day..."

He sold also other music-production hardware (Synths, FX,
Compressors etc.), another one switching over to software.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Living 4 Da Edits

Hey, first post here: So let me start with my latest edit-piece:

Rockers Revenge - Living For The Weekend
(RR's Living 4 Da Edits Mix)

I focused everything on the long main edit which I think is dope,
guess it's ok to say that named edit is in the best 'Oh Oh' Omar
Santana tradition. This is not about imitation, it's just that he's
my major influence. I have (t)his edit-rhythms in my blood,
and here it comes right thru.