Friday, May 11, 2012

Th* C*rs - Hello Again
Bonus Beat Edit

Hi there, did another collab with my editfriend from
the netherlands FUNKAFILIA, presenting:

Th* C*rs - Hello Again 
Bonus Beat Edit)

The original tempo of this song is close to 129 BPM,
for this Bonus Beat Edit it was changed down to
124 BPM. Thanks to Funkafilia for doing this with
me. Now check this edit-piece out:

mediafire password: edits
Sorry, normally I don't extra-zip mp3s (recent posts),
but there's a reason for doing this, you trust me ;-).

P.S.: The first collab we did 2003 will appear here soon.

Friday, May 4, 2012

V. Williams - I'll Be The One
(feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

Someone who liked my Angelo-Edits sent me a
message he would like to hear my edits on this track.
To be honest I didn't know this song (produced by
Lewis A. Martineé btw.), I did not expect hearing
a track like this from her. After first listening I knew
this'll work with edits well, so I loaded it in yesterday
evening and " whoomp, there it is " ;-)

Damn, I LOVE the main-edit coming in @ 2:31 min.
so much, I could listen to it in repeat-mode, ok I'm
crazy ;-) Also cool is the way I make the end-edit,
jumping straight into the refrain, reminds me to Omar
Santana. This song has bad pops (you can also hear it
in iTunes-preview), I eliminated the bad ones, at least.
I also made it a little bit faster, it's now 120 BPM.
Wow, how I love doing edits !!!


Will re-upload ASAP !