Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Chep" Nuñez († December 8, 1990)

Rest In Peace !

Today is a sad day: Exactly 20 years ago Edit-Legend
José Chep Nuñez died, due to a fire in his Manhattan
Appartment building. Going to play some "Chep" edits
the evening, you too ?

"Chep Nuñez' no more down with us, but 
Funky Funky Edits Are Still A Must !"

Quickjob-video I made within minutes, to post it on Dec. 8:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tina B - Each Time You Go
(feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

Hi there ! So here's my latest, made Oct. 16, with
a little FX-levelling and mastering Oct. 22, 2010.
Great track from this outstanding female singer
(and ex-wife of legendary Producer Arthur Baker),
I'm her fan since the early days. So once and again it's
basically just an edit-break, but this is 1 minute long, hey ;-)
Check it out ! Peace.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carlos "After Dark" Berrios retires from Freestyle Music

The time has come for me to finally retire from the music that gave me my start in the record business. In the words of SNL's Garrett Morris, Freestyle Music has been very, very good to me.

From the early days editing at Unique Recording Studios to the last record I got to mix on an SSL at Hip Pocket Recording with Butch Jones, it has been a wonderful ride.

Three years ago I came out of semi retirement with the intention of reintroducing the genre to a younger generation with the craft and quality of the productions we toiled over back in the day. In the last three years I have released about 25 new Freestyle records with artists new and old. Some of the songs were better than others but I can say confidently that no one else has been able to match the quality of what we've released at ADM Records over the last three years.

Together with Franc. Reyes' songwriting skills I have had the pleasure of producing some of the genres more memorable titles like Lisette Melendez's "Together Forever" (#36 Billboard's Top 100) and Corina's "Temptation" (#6 Billboard's Top 100). And last year Sammy Zones "Without You" would have absolutely been a Top 40 hit back in the day.

Although I believe that there could a place for this music in today's world the mantle will have to be passed to and carried on by a new generation. Teenagers that find the history of this music inspiring enough to find their voice through it. But my time has come to an end. So although I will now work mostly in film, I do intend to continue to make music when I can, working in other genres like Hip Hop, Rock, and House, and will continue to release these through ADM Records. But I am today officially retiring from producing any more Freestyle records.

There are a few more Freestyle Dance records coming that are either in production or ready to be released like my remake of the Rios Sister's "I Don't Want You Back" that is definitely going to turn some heads. And I will do my best to make these last tracks the best that they can possibly be.

Carlos "After Dark" Berrios

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Older posts

Folks I did not check which of the old PW-protected files are still valid, I will make them all re-appear on mediafire, Pw-free like recent posts. As I find the time. Thx.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rascal Revenge - Edits Are On My Mind

There it is, not my first computer-edit, as I do computer-
edits since the late eighties with Atari and my E-mu samplers.
So these are my first in-the-box PC-edits, made on one
afternoon September 2002. It's actually a bonus beat edit
of Sa-Fire's "Love Is On Her Mind", but I found it so special
that I want to stick with it going under "RR"-name.
Check it out.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Latin Rascals - On The Edge
(RR Bonus Fixmix)

All Edits, add. FX and re-arrangement by RASCAL REVENGE.
This I made April 2005, great track and the best from their 2. LP.
Great Edit-/production work not present on the record, with again
a little add. synth over the filtering. The female vocalbit I used here
is lend from a later "On The Edge" version by Tony Moran & Safire.
This is the Bonus Fixmix coming straight to the (edit) point ;-), I also
have the full song edited, but it's just the song playing along, then it
has the same editbreak as presented here, ok lacking this new
reverse-intro here also. ENJOY !


Shouts going out to Albert Cabrera & Tony Moran, formerly known
as the LATIN RASCALS. Thanks for all the timeless edits / productions, INCREDIBLE !!!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Neanna - You're My Special Love
(RR's STFU Edits)

Check out my latest, most parts coming from the Dub
of this Freestyle record (1988), produced by "Norty"
Cotto. Now I have to say 126,50 original BPM was
much too fast for this, so I slowed it down to now
123,60 BPM, comes much much better IMO.

In the end record didn't offer as much as I thought once,
I no longer want to continue collecting unfinished stuff
on HD, so I pasted this quick together with hot needle,
with only two but most driving edits I had.

Check it out:

Shouts to DJ Red Alert for the "Shut up" inspiration ;-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Latin Hip Hop Mix 1
(mixed live by RASCAL REVENGE 1988)

Here's a mix made live with my Technics someday 1988, sadly
I only have like maybe a handful live-mixes, thought I share this
because the mixing is so nice. Sorry for the soundquality, it was
recorded with my dead Ghettoblaster. Owning all the records still
that I consider re-doing it in full 24 bit glory (maybe with some edits
then). Mix was one track longer, so Safire's "Let Me Be The One"
is missing here, it came not good, this mix was not planned (just
pushing record-button and go), today I applied a reverb-effect
on Double Destiny to end the mix. So check this one out and watch
out for possible update laaaater. Enjoy !!!



1. Cindy Janson - Number One
2. Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling
3. Rios - You (I think the Dub Mix)
4. Spirit Matter - Crimes Of Passion (Dub)
5. Midnight Fantasy - Come Back To Me 
6. Noel - Silent Morning
7. Double Destiny - Prove It 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TKA - Is It Love ? (feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

Made this quick last hours, for my man Melvin from Puerto
Rico, he requested this yesterday. Umm eh...yeah again (just)
an editbreak, took the Rockers Revenge bit together with the
arpeggio of the intro over some measures, then the edit; not
much variation in this but hey....  g-g-good ;-)

Cuttet off the original end I didn't like, now ending earlier with
applied delay-effect.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DJ James Anthony - 1986/87 Freestyle Edits Mix

Great Mix, not so 'razzle-dazzle' plus more charming IMO
then last one posted. All my props to James Anthony.
Check it out here:


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A.S.A.P. - Freestyle Lifestyle

A.S.A.P. - Freestyle Lifestyle (Edit by RASCAL REVENGE)

Tonight I was actually just testing around new version of my host-musicsoftware which came out yesterday, also got this song as wav-file from a netfriend. I slowed the track down from 128 to 124 BPM, sounds quite decent, IMHO the track is too fast in its original speed. Left some measures of the original out for more drive, and  - of course - did this pretty main E-E-E-Edit ;-) Thought I share it with you, aaaight.Check it out.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RASCAL REVENGE - Old Cassette Tape Mix 1

Found this at the end of one cassette-side, thought I share it here. All cuts here were made with the pause-button of my Philips Ghettoblaster * (with worn-out heads and azymuth problems, as you can hear) !!! All mixing live with my Technics 1210 MK 2s, feat. some phasing, double-beating, even some oldschool cut-ins on top. The idea for the 'Magic Man' cut I lent from the fresh Bits & Pieces '86 bootleg, but I did it by myself, with pause-button. Think my favorite part is the mix of the two Hardcastle tracks, starting @ 6:32 min., so nice.


Yarbrough & Peoples - I Wouldn't Lie
René & Angela - Save Your Love
Princess - I'll Keep On Loving You
Rochelle - Magic Man
Goon Squad - Powerdrill
Paul Hardcastle - Foolin' Yourself
Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest (LP Version)

Made by RASCAL REVENGE (1986)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Angelo - Don't Keep Me Holding On
(feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

Angelo - Don't Keep Me Holding On (feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

Nice Lewis A. Martinée production, pheee that's already 20 years old,
how time flies. Again more on the nice side, just spicing the song up
with a little one and a great longer edit-break, I was concentrating on that one. That's it, check it out:


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Deckadance Live Relooper

Not that I like it, indeed I find it awful, just to show what one can do with a DJ-mixing software, (ab)using the relooper to chop and slice up common beats and breaks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hithouse - I Don't Know
(RASCAL REVENGE's Tribute Edits)

All Edits, re-arrangement and effects by RASCAL REVENGE.
This I made March 2004 (this here HQ re-encoded January
2010), as a tribute for dutch icon Peter Slaghuis, who sadly
died in a tragic car-crash 1991. He definitely influenced me
with his (Edit-)Mixes during the 80ies. Besides Tony Moran
(of LATIN RASCALS fame) he´s the only singing Editor then,
for those who don´t know it´s Peter singing here. I was just
using a fraction of the vocals, the best parts I´d say. I added
the synth in the break, together with his "Yeah", extracted
from a telephone radio-interview, and of course all edits you
hear there are made by me. This song was released 1989, on
his self-entitled "HITHOUSE" album.The original btw. has
an edit by himself, in the break, since this is my tribute to
him I left it out.
Check out

RIP Peter Slaghuis (1961 - 1991)


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Friday, January 1, 2010

Susan Santiago - Open Up Your Heart
(RR Beats)

Hi there, all the best for 2010 ya'll !
This I made May 2003 (re-encoded January
2010), for Michelle aka Freestylemissy. I only
liked some bits, therefore I made this Bonus Beat Edit.
Check it out:


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