Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Latin Hip Hop Mix 1
(mixed live by RASCAL REVENGE 1988)

Here's a mix made live with my Technics someday 1988, sadly
I only have like maybe a handful live-mixes, thought I share this
because the mixing is so nice. Sorry for the soundquality, it was
recorded with my dead Ghettoblaster. Owning all the records still
that I consider re-doing it in full 24 bit glory (maybe with some edits
then). Mix was one track longer, so Safire's "Let Me Be The One"
is missing here, it came not good, this mix was not planned (just
pushing record-button and go), today I applied a reverb-effect
on Double Destiny to end the mix. So check this one out and watch
out for possible update laaaater. Enjoy !!!



1. Cindy Janson - Number One
2. Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling
3. Rios - You (I think the Dub Mix)
4. Spirit Matter - Crimes Of Passion (Dub)
5. Midnight Fantasy - Come Back To Me 
6. Noel - Silent Morning
7. Double Destiny - Prove It 

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