Monday, August 25, 2008

John Tapia - One and Only (RR Mix & Edits 2008)

A-a-a-and a new one already:

John Tapia - One and Only
(RR Mix & Edits 2008)

This was a request from Juan (John) Tapia himself,
fan of edits since the early days. He wrote me the
name John Tapia was chosen to appear more


This record from Chicago (1992) counts as a rare
and expensive one today, according to the man himself last copy
auctioned for 150 $. Based on the Deep-Dish Freestyle Mix I did
it in one go yesterday, with a lil' finetuning (leveling, de-clicking and
mastering stuff) today. No razzle-dazzle Editmix, actually just one
action main edit @ 1:47 min. and a tiny bit in the break, plus a new
end beginning 3:20 min. with some spatial filtering. Synth starting
3:35 min. was also played on top by myself.
Enjoy !!! 'RR'



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Galaxy Two Orchestra - Gridlock (RR Edits)

Hi there, my latest piece:

Galaxy Two Orchestra - Gridlock
(Rascal Revenge Edits & add. Synth)

Sounds like Arthur Baker rip-off, very good produced
record from 1984, co-written and engineered by a Chris
Lord, guess it's studio-genius Chris Lord-Alge (?).
Love those beats.

Main task for me was just to make a better version
I can listen too, one nice edit in the middle and one
at the very end (Latin Rascals style). The original
break of that record with just beat and that perc.
was always a turnoff for me, therefore I played a
synth on top of it, starting 3:26. Blends perfect with
what comes in from the record then, @ 3:58 min.
Now it's really better IMHO.
Ch-ch-check it out: