Friday, July 13, 2012

Sandee - Love Desire
(feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

Made this a week ago already, but there was some
modulation in the audio, caused by my host-software.
Not completely gone, but I did my best to make this
"presentable", at least.

Piece of "Club Hip Hop" I'd like to call this track, it
was made 1991. Presented by Sandee, who sadly
passed away Dec. 2008, Rest In Peace !

Made some re-arrangement cuts, i.e. cutting out
repeated refrains, I also threw the rapper out ;-) 

Blending out I made it; can I say I dig the main-edit,
the one caressing your ear @ 3:33 min. ?


Ok, now check this out.


mediafire password: edits

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

India - Steppin' Out
(feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

My latest, made entirely today, July 4th:

India - Steppin' Out 
(feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

Great Freestyle track, well produced by John "Jellybean"
Benitez 1990, performed by the amazing India, love her voice.
All add. Edits/Effects/Re-arrangement by me, once again a nice
one, uplifting the song a bit, with the second edit (coming in @
3:21 min.) being pretty tasty. Sure I will present a crazy one
in the near future, so watch out.

Enjoy !


P.S.: Once again a big thank you to Melvin from Puerto Rico.