Saturday, December 20, 2008

Latin Rascals - Paco Bell X-Mas Canon

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Posting today:

Latin Rascals - Paco Bell X-Mas Canon
(Edits & Add. Prod. by Rascal Revenge)

I made this back in Dec. 2005, here it is re-encoded, in highest
VBR mp3-quality. In addition to the original track I weaved in
vocals by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra ("Christmas Canon").
Those vocals I timestretched (i.e. they appear now 30 BPM faster).
Enjoy ! Merry Christmas to all visitors of my blog.


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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stevie B - Party Your Body
(Rascal Revenge Edit 2008)

Stevie B - Party Your Body
(Rascal Revenge Edit 2008)

Containing two little and two great main edits (the latter
appearing @ 2:04 and inside the break that starts 4:09 min.)
This whole break was created by me, it's not on the record !
Wow, this turned out great, check it out. Enjoy !!!


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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lilly Ak & Youth - Take Me Now
(Special 'RR' Edit 2007)

Presenting today:

Lilly Ak & Youth - Take Me Now (Special 'RR' Edit 2007)
+ Short Bonus

I had this lying around for a long time, took almost 2 1/2 years
from my first "test-edit" until it´s release (October 2007).
To the track: Let´s say it´s kinda strange, a record you think
running at wrong RPM, it´s just so obvious slow. I made it 18 BPM
(!!!) faster, thus giving it a more old-school hip hop vibe, plus
all my oldschool cut and paste edits. Some part of the audio I used
for my piece sounds a lil´ confusing, that´s when a human drummer
playing hihats to a drummachine can´t keep track for some bars, so
it comes not from me making it that fast or so ;-)

Last month I made a short Bonus-Edit of it, just jumping in
after the vocal parts of the regular one, with a reverb effect
applied to the start. Both versions in one zip-file:


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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ISIS - Let Me Hold You (RR's Corona Edits)

As it was requested I re-encoded this Editmix today:

ISIS - Let Me Hold You (RR's Corona Edits)

Not so well known Todd Terry production, I bought 1987.
I made this Editmix originally for the Freestyle File Edit-Show Pt. II
(DJ Paradise) August 7, 2004. Now here's the HQ VBR version,
I took the chance to eliminate all prominent clicks, also cuttet
15 sec. from the end, the delay was just running out too long ;-)
Shouts to Todd Terry and DJ Paradise.


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Monday, September 15, 2008

Tape-Editing with Cameron Paul

Legendary Master-Mixer/Editor Cameron Paul (Hot Tracks, mixx-it)
shows tape-editing.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Carlos Berrios vs Sammy Zone - Without You

Producer and Edit-Legend Carlos 'After Dark' Berrios
has a new title out:

Carlos Berrios vs Sammy Zone - Without You

Preview and purchase:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Nayobe - Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (RR's Premium Edit 2008)

Made yesterday:

Nayobe - Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
(Rascal Revenge's Premium Edit 2008)

In detail: First little edit bits starting 2:38 min, then the great
break starts @3:48min., extending the original solo-synthpart
from 4 to 8 bars, on the second 4 bars of the latter perc. from
the intro, on top with a bit from the acapella, making a great
build-up to that 'special moment', i.e. my main edit, love that
one. ;-) Later on another edit coming in 5:25 min., blending
back to the refrain a moment, then cutting off original end
of song, in favor of a newly created end-break, so one can finally
mix out of the track. That's it, and important to me; the track is
still there. ENJOY !!! 'RR' ;-)


Password :
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Monday, August 25, 2008

John Tapia - One and Only (RR Mix & Edits 2008)

A-a-a-and a new one already:

John Tapia - One and Only
(RR Mix & Edits 2008)

This was a request from Juan (John) Tapia himself,
fan of edits since the early days. He wrote me the
name John Tapia was chosen to appear more


This record from Chicago (1992) counts as a rare
and expensive one today, according to the man himself last copy
auctioned for 150 $. Based on the Deep-Dish Freestyle Mix I did
it in one go yesterday, with a lil' finetuning (leveling, de-clicking and
mastering stuff) today. No razzle-dazzle Editmix, actually just one
action main edit @ 1:47 min. and a tiny bit in the break, plus a new
end beginning 3:20 min. with some spatial filtering. Synth starting
3:35 min. was also played on top by myself.
Enjoy !!! 'RR'



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Galaxy Two Orchestra - Gridlock (RR Edits)

Hi there, my latest piece:

Galaxy Two Orchestra - Gridlock
(Rascal Revenge Edits & add. Synth)

Sounds like Arthur Baker rip-off, very good produced
record from 1984, co-written and engineered by a Chris
Lord, guess it's studio-genius Chris Lord-Alge (?).
Love those beats.

Main task for me was just to make a better version
I can listen too, one nice edit in the middle and one
at the very end (Latin Rascals style). The original
break of that record with just beat and that perc.
was always a turnoff for me, therefore I played a
synth on top of it, starting 3:26. Blends perfect with
what comes in from the record then, @ 3:58 min.
Now it's really better IMHO.
Ch-ch-check it out:



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Omar Santana offered his reel to reel on ebay

(Click to enlarge)

Was offered the second time, auction was terminated then,
so guess he sold it outside ebay.

His myspace bulletin said: "... I put my Tascam reel to reel on
ebay which was what I did all of my editing on back in the day..."

He sold also other music-production hardware (Synths, FX,
Compressors etc.), another one switching over to software.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Living 4 Da Edits

Hey, first post here: So let me start with my latest edit-piece:

Rockers Revenge - Living For The Weekend
(RR's Living 4 Da Edits Mix)

I focused everything on the long main edit which I think is dope,
guess it's ok to say that named edit is in the best 'Oh Oh' Omar
Santana tradition. This is not about imitation, it's just that he's
my major influence. I have (t)his edit-rhythms in my blood,
and here it comes right thru.