Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lilly Ak & Youth - Take Me Now
(Special 'RR' Edit 2007)

Presenting today:

Lilly Ak & Youth - Take Me Now (Special 'RR' Edit 2007)
+ Short Bonus

I had this lying around for a long time, took almost 2 1/2 years
from my first "test-edit" until it´s release (October 2007).
To the track: Let´s say it´s kinda strange, a record you think
running at wrong RPM, it´s just so obvious slow. I made it 18 BPM
(!!!) faster, thus giving it a more old-school hip hop vibe, plus
all my oldschool cut and paste edits. Some part of the audio I used
for my piece sounds a lil´ confusing, that´s when a human drummer
playing hihats to a drummachine can´t keep track for some bars, so
it comes not from me making it that fast or so ;-)

Last month I made a short Bonus-Edit of it, just jumping in
after the vocal parts of the regular one, with a reverb effect
applied to the start. Both versions in one zip-file:


(use copy/paste solution)


Greig said...

I owned Intrigue label.

I also recall visiting the studio for the original 12".


Boneboy said...

Hey, the download is not avalible anymore :-(((
I wish so much listen that song