Monday, September 1, 2008

Nayobe - Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (RR's Premium Edit 2008)

Made yesterday:

Nayobe - Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
(Rascal Revenge's Premium Edit 2008)

In detail: First little edit bits starting 2:38 min, then the great
break starts @3:48min., extending the original solo-synthpart
from 4 to 8 bars, on the second 4 bars of the latter perc. from
the intro, on top with a bit from the acapella, making a great
build-up to that 'special moment', i.e. my main edit, love that
one. ;-) Later on another edit coming in 5:25 min., blending
back to the refrain a moment, then cutting off original end
of song, in favor of a newly created end-break, so one can finally
mix out of the track. That's it, and important to me; the track is
still there. ENJOY !!! 'RR' ;-)


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