Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hithouse - I Don't Know
(RASCAL REVENGE's Tribute Edits)

All Edits, re-arrangement and effects by RASCAL REVENGE.
This I made March 2004 (this here HQ re-encoded January
2010), as a tribute for dutch icon Peter Slaghuis, who sadly
died in a tragic car-crash 1991. He definitely influenced me
with his (Edit-)Mixes during the 80ies. Besides Tony Moran
(of LATIN RASCALS fame) he´s the only singing Editor then,
for those who don´t know it´s Peter singing here. I was just
using a fraction of the vocals, the best parts I´d say. I added
the synth in the break, together with his "Yeah", extracted
from a telephone radio-interview, and of course all edits you
hear there are made by me. This song was released 1989, on
his self-entitled "HITHOUSE" album.The original btw. has
an edit by himself, in the break, since this is my tribute to
him I left it out.
Check out http://www.peterslaghuis.com

RIP Peter Slaghuis (1961 - 1991)


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