Sunday, January 4, 2009

Black Pearl - Don´t Turn Away (RR Beats)

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Hi there, a happy and healthy NEW YEAR 2009 !

Starting the year with:

Black Pearl - Don't Turn Away (RR Beats)

Sought after Freestyle record from Miami (1987), quite
expensive, last went for @ 150 $ on auction. I liked some
soundbits only, so I made this Bonus Beat Edit, I took the
freedom to make it @ 5 BPM slower then the song.
My favorite part the one with the sine weaved in
(sounds really cool). Otherwise conventional/oldschool
yeah, but yet classic ;-)

Thanks to Carlos "After Dark" Berrios for inspiration, hey
there's even a part that reminds to his Corina - "Out Of
Control" Dub. That's wanted, so take it as a little tribute
to him. Here is the original Black Pearl song:


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P.S.: Dedicated to my good friend Thomas who died
recently out of nowhere, I still can't believe it.
Regarding that watch out for a more dedicated
post soon, along with some tribute-edits from me.
He was a huge fan of edits/editors since the earliest
days, he even made some. I will include one of his
with that post then also, so stay tuned.

Rest in peace, Thomas !