Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cxltxre Clxb - Mxss Mx Blxnd
(feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

And it goes on with the edits, made this last weekend:
Apart from cutting 4 bars from the intro to make it a
plain 8 bar-rounder I let the song play until the break,
cuttet out the "It's A Miracle" parts from this Multimix
12" version, also gone is the heavy guitar part and the
overrepeated end, so shortened all in favor for some
nice edits, 2nd half of the last edit is my favorite part.
New beats pasted after last edit, so one can mix out
of this. So ch-ch-check this out.


Mediafire access-password: culture

P.S.: I dedicate this to my dog COPPI, who passed
away May 13th, 2011. Rest in peace.

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