Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whodini - Funky Beat
(RASCAL REVENGE's Vintage Edits)

Yesterday I was listening to old music-demos I
transferred digitally from DAT-Tape, inbetween
I stumbled upon this short Whodini-Edit. I can't
say for certain, but this MIDI-Edit I made most
probably 1992, with Atari ST, C-Lab Notator and
my E-mu E III (4MB) Stereo-Sampler, the delay
at the end is also the EIII, these days you had to
render this to a sample, so for making the delay-
repeats/feedback audible you needed a long sample
with digital silence (i.e. -96 dB) at the end, using the
samplers Digital Processing, tzz. I own the US 12"
of this, but for this Edit I sampled the track from my
Whodini - Greatest Hits CD (1990).

This goes not into my list of Editmixes, so just for fun.


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