Sunday, September 8, 2013

Exposé - I Specialize In Love
(RR's Vintage Edits @ 1993)

Today I bring you something that's special to my heart,
and it took only a funky 20 years to complete. For an
explanation; I had only the edits on DAT-Tape, so now
I ripped the CD-track (which IMHO is the best on this
1992 Album release), a great cover-version of Sharon
Brown's classic I also own, I must say !

What can I say now is wow I went so quick and
"bam" there it was, I rendered this the first time
on WED 2 a.m. and it really put a smile on my face,
now that it's ready after decades.

Edits/gating as they were - and I used all I made back then,
I did not change them with the computer now, just a lil'
delay from my host on the first edit plus the occational
reverb here and there, to make better blends.

Well what I did I pinned the song now to the grid/ a certain
BPM with my host. I remember the edit from 3:15 to  3:23
min. was very much influenced by an edit by the great
editors Whiz Kids, and the  tape-stop effect in this I sampled
from an edit by  - I seem to remember  - Eric "Moe" Rosenberg.
Edit starting @ 1:42 min. maybe a lil' too "adventurous" to some
for this songs beat, I find it pretty dope, like the unexpected ;-)

Technical freak-info:

Sampler used was my E-mu Emulator III keyboard sampler with
4 MB Ram, which gave you a good 23 sec. stereo sampling time,
software was I think LOGIC for the Atari already. So I programmed
a drum beat, started in the CD and fiddled around with the BPM until
my beat was in sync with the song for one minute, my usual method
in general, for years. Edits were usually (if not played in realtime)
done in LOGIC - and before in C-Lab Creator/Notator - with the
so called Hyper Editor, one of the best inventions in sequencer-
history IMHO, basically a drum editor, but going far beyond.

So with setting the grid to 32th note you could apply 16th note
gating, this worked by setting the Emu's Modwheel to Volume,
then using its MIDI CC-Value in the Hyper Editor, well you had
to figure BPM as closely as possible, otherwise it gives you bad
clicks. Using same method you can apply MIDI-ducking, as you
can hear in the edit starting @3:48, so where I drop an editslice
I lower/or cancel out the volume-level of the original song at that
very same position. You could also animate pitch with this samplers
Aux-Envelope, hear edit 3:04 - 3:06, and also 3:40 - 3:48, say does
the end of the latter sound freakin' "wiggle-waggle" awesome or
what ? I love it, really gives it a twist, hey this came not in a few
seconds, so imagine listen to this edit in a loop for a loooong time
- tweaking parameters, this was / is for the passionate guy.




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