Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peter Murphy - Deep Ocean Vast Sea

Hi there Edithead, have something new, hey it's time to post
something I thought, so I made this ;-) Now I have to say that I
heared this 1989 song for the first time on THU, thought could
work with edits, loaded it in and bam...edits. Made several edits,
but all left is the edit I saw fitting best for the song, rest really
out of the context, would make a good bonus beat edit, sorry
won't happen. So, all you can await from me doo, check it out:



Information: This is the third- or second-last post on this blog, lol
I noticed right now that apart from the new one above there is
only 1 other DL left of all the posts. So will there be another blog ?
I don't know, if then for sure not on google ! Will there be new
edits ? To be honest I don't know either, my interest is fading.
File under rare event ;-)
I'm planning to make all my Edits available again, in VBR 0
mp3 quality at least, as some were posted in lower quality.
Where possible (should I've kept all the wav-files) I post versions
without my name in there. So watch this space for a potential
new blog URL then. Until then.

I want to give out shoutouts to the remaining few keeping edits alive !


++ Funky Edits Are A Must ++

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