Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
It's Nasty (Intro-Edit by RR)

Now this goes not into my list of editmixes, but I thought
it's fun to post it, I still like it. I did record this for a friend
(as part of a custommade CD), and to have a lil' extra for
him I did an edit-intro, rest of song untouched.

I recorded this on my DAT-recorder in Nov. 1995, then
gave the tape to a shop, where a CD was made from, super-
expensive that was. Edit was made with my Atari STE, Notator
Logic, E-mu Systems E III Stereo-Sampler and a Boss SE-70
Effect-Unit (Ducking-Delay). Starting @ 0:28 min. you hear me
cutting/fading in the LP live, because I ran out of Sample-Ram. ;-)


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