Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first Edit-test (PC-only)

Hey there, here's my first test of PC-only Edits, with this
piece of Euro Hip-Pop:

C-Block - Time Is Tickin' Away (feat. RR Edits)

Once again this was part of another custom-made CD I did
for a friend. I made this in Summer 2002, guess some days
after I discovered that there were people out there doin' edits,
via the old website of Gerwin 'Evil Edit' Janssen (NL).
The edits were made with a program called Wavesurgeon.
What cool was that once you (precisely) cuttet out some
bars, you could lay variable note-length grids over the wave-
form. Although simple I still like the Edit in the break, starting
3:13 min. Again, goes not into my list of Editmixes, posting just
for fun, check it out.


Password: funky-edits-are-a-must.blogspot.com
(use copy/paste solution)

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