Friday, April 20, 2012

Official productions with Multi-Edits 2012

Rhoq - who also produced this title - made edits for

Latino Rosario - Never Be Forgotten
(Extended Club Mix With Edits)

Hey, I dig the production and the very charming edits,
sadly there's no cool dub with edits, or a bonus beat
edit of this. Check it out for yourself:

You also find it on iTunes.

Freddy "The Edit" Rivera made edits for

The Rios Sisters - I Don't Want You Back
(Freddy "The Edit" Rivera Multi Edits Mix)

Check it out and buy, I got it, very good: 

NOTE: I bring this post up whenever I add something to it.
YOU can also inform me if you stumble upon new edits no matter
what musicstyle, but official releases only, no matter what format
(CD, vinyl, mp3). Please use the comment function below for
this, and I add the release to this post. Thank You !


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